CFP Committee

The CFP committee is comprised of a small group of Java Champions.


Ken Fogel

Expertise: Java Tools & Frameworks, Cloud

Java Champion, CS teacher, JavaOne/CodeOne/ApacheCon speaker. The organizer of DawsCon, the free one-day software conference for students and new developers, on January 15, 2021, at Dawson College, Montreal. Message me if you want to be involved in DawsCon.

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Josh Juneau

Josh Juneau is an Application Developer, Database Administrator, and System Analyst in his day job. His primary focus is on Java EE, Jakarta EE, and web/enterprise systems, as he has been developing distributed database application systems since the early 2000s. Josh also enjoys working with JavaFX as well as other JVM languages. He is a member of the JCP, an Apache NetBeans developer, Java Champion, and he works on the OSS Initiative and Board Member for the Chicago Java Users Group. He has written a number of books for Apress and technical articles for publications such as Java Magazine. Josh is a usual suspect on the OffHeap podcast.

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Vincent Mayers

Vincent is an Oracle Java Champion, has been a board member of the Atlanta Java Users Group since 2008 and runs some of the USA's premier community technology conferences: Vincent has a Degree in 3D Design from the University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom and; in another life was a full-time athlete competing at World Championship level in whitewater kayaking.

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Rustam Mehmandarov

Rustam is a Java Champion and Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Cloud. He lives and works in Oslo, Norway, working as a chief engineer and consultant specializing in Java platform, and a competency network coordinator at work. Previously, he has been leading JavaZone and the Norwegian JUG – javaBin. Rustam is passionate about open source and sharing his knowledge with others. He is a frequent speaker at both national and international conferences and events.

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Henri Tremblay

Henri Tremblay is Java Champion. He leads EasyMock and Objenesis and contributes to Ehcache open source projects. When he was young, he made popular class mocking, invented partial mocking and was coding with pragmatism. He has been a developer, CTO, software architect, enterprise architect, startup founder, teacher and performance expert. With pragmatism. He loves optimization and productivity. In Java and in general. He tries to be useful. He is pragmatic.

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Ian Darwin

Ian Darwin is a founding member of the Sun/Oracle Java Champions advocacy program, a Certified Java Programmer and Certified Java Web Component Developer, and the author of several textbooks and courses on Java: The Java Cookbook provides information on using Java effectively for those who already know the language. Checking Java Programs covers a number of tools that perform additional code verification on Java software. The Android Cookbook offers (mostly) Java solutions to writing mobile applications for the ubiquitous Android platform. Ian speaks on anything that interests him (and usually his audience).

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Benjamin Muskalla

Benny is a Java Champion and has been following his passion of building tools for improving developer productivity. Currently, he is working on securing the open source ecosystem at GitHub, specifically on GitHub's CodeQL security analysis technology. In a previous life, he has been an active committer of the world-class Eclipse IDE, a JUnit Christmas Decoration Extensions and was a core committer on the Gradle Build Tool. TDD and API design are dear to his heart as well as working on open source software.

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Andrzej Grzesik

Currently Principal Backend Engineer at Revolut.

ags likes distributed systems in all shapes and form. Coding since the age of 8, loves simplicity and continuous delivery. While he has written in many languages, he favours the JVM. Since "most software problems are people problems”, he stirs communities, organizes and speaks at conferences (proud to be a JavaONE Rockstar!). He is passionate about all things data, because science! In his spare time… cycling, photography and books. And he is a Java Champion!

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Maria Arias de Reyna Dominguez

María is a Java Champion and a Free and Open Source Advocator. She has been a community manager and core maintainer of several open source projects, like GeoNetwork, Syndesis, and recently Apache Camel. Between 2017 and 2019 She was the President of OSGeo, the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. She's currently working for Red Hat on the Integration team, contributing to the Apache Camel universe.

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