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Andrzej Grzesik

Small data and high latency software, Platform in @RevolutApp.

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Gail Anderson

Gail C. Anderson is an Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador and Java Champion. She is the Director of Training and founding member of the Anderson Software Group, a leading provider of training courses in Java, Python, Go, and other programming languages. She has developed numerous course materials for the Anderson Software Group and specializes in researching new technologies. She is the co-author of eight textbooks on software programming.

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Paul Anderson

Paul L. Anderson is an Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador and Java Champion. He is the Director of Training and founding member of the Anderson Software Group, a leading provider of training courses in Java, Python, Go, and other programming languages. Paul is an experienced speaker and specializes in making the technical aspects of software engineering fun and understandable. He is the co-author of eight textbooks on software programming.

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Alex Blewitt

Dr Alex Blewitt has been working with Java since its initial release in 1995, having migrated to it from Objective-C on his NeXT box at Cambridge University. He writes for InfoQ, co-founded the Docklands.LJC, and has written several books. He has spoken at JavaOne, QCon and EclipseCon and lives with his family in Milton Keynes. If the weather's nice, he has been known to go flying from nearby Sywell airfield.

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Rafael del Nero


Rafael del Nero is a Java Champion & Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, creator of the Java Challengers initiative and quiz master in Oracle Dev Gym, is the author of "Golden Lessons - 100 Insights to Overcome Life's Challenges and Achieve Your Career Dreams." Rafael believes there are many techniques involved in creating high-quality software that developers are often unaware of. His life's purpose is to help Java developers use better programming practices to code quality software for stress-free projects with fewer bugs.

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Oliver Drotbohm

Frameworks & Architecture in the Spring team @ VMware, OpenSource, all things Spring, Java, data, DDD, REST, software architecture, drums & music.

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Ivar Grimstad

Java Champion | Jakarta EE Developer Advocate | The guy with the Duke tattoo

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Mary Grygleski

Developer Avocado (or Aficionado), forever curious and continuously learning all things of the universe and beyond! Want to bring the joy of learning and discovering/uncovering new things to everyone

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Cay Horstmann


I grew up in Northern Germany and attended the Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel, a harbor town at the Baltic sea. I received a M.S. in computer science from Syracuse University, and a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I taught computer science at San Jose State University for almost thirty years and held visiting appointments at universities in Germany, Switzerland, Vietnam, and Macau. I was a “serial entrepreneur” before that was a thing, including a stint as VP and CTO of a dot com startup that went from three people in a tiny office to a public company. In my copious spare time I write books and develop online courses for beginning and professional programmers.

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Emily Jiang

Emily Jiang is a Java Champion. She is Liberty Microservices Architect and Advocate, STSM in IBM, based at Hursley Lab in the UK. Emily is a senior MicroProfile lead and has been working on MicroProfile since 2016 and leads the specifications of MicroProfile Config, Fault Tolerance and Service Mesh. She is CDI Expert Group member. She has worked on the WebSphere Application Server since 2006 and is heavily involved in Java EE and MicroProfile implementation in Liberty releases. She regularly speaks at conferences, such as Code One, DevNexus, JAX London, Voxxed, Devoxx US, Devoxx Belgium, Devoxx UK, Devoxx France, EclipseCon, etc.

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Heinz Kabutz

Heinz is the author of The Java Specialists’ Newsletter (https://www.javaspecialists.eu), a publication enjoyed by tens of thousands of Java experts in over 150 countries.

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Ken Kousen

Ken Kousen is a Java Champion, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, and a Grails Rock Star. He is the author of the Pragmatic Library book “Help Your Boss Help You,” the O'Reilly books “Kotlin Cookbook”, “Modern Java Recipes”, and “Gradle Recipes for Android”, and the Manning book “Making Java Groovy”. He also has recorded over a dozen video courses for the O'Reilly Learning Platform, covering topics related to Android, Spring, Java, Groovy, Grails, and Gradle. In 2013, 2016, and 2017 he won a JavaOne Rockstar award. His academic background include BS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics from M.I.T., an MA and Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Princeton, and an MS in Computer Science from R.P.I. He is currently President of Kousen IT, Inc., based in Connecticut.

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Peter Lawrey

Most answers for Java and JVM on StackOverflow.com (13K), "Vanilla Java" blog with four million views, founder of the Performance JUG, Java Champion.

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Sanhong Li

Sanhong Li is a JVM lead at Alibaba. He has been working on Java since 2004, where he began at Intel Asia-Pacific R&D Lab implementing JSR135. He joined IBM in 2008 to improve runtime security on OSGi platform. He progressed to working on the development of IBM's Java Virtual Machine in 2010, where he led a project to develop multi-tenancy technology for the JVM. In 2014, he joined Alibaba to lead the development of Alibaba JDK, a customized OpenJDK version. Sanhong Li has presented at local and international conferences such as JVM language summit, JavaOne and QCon. He co-leads Shanghai Java User Group and co-chairs APMCon. He has authored over 10 technical papers and a number of technical patents.

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Josh Long

Josh (@starbuxman) has been the first Spring Developer Advocate since 2010. Josh is a Java Champion, author of 6 books (including O’Reilly’s “Cloud Native Java: Designing Resilient Systems with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry“ and “Reactive Spring“) and numerous best-selling video training (including “Building Microservices with Spring Boot Livelessons“ with Spring Boot co-founder Phil Webb), and an open-source contributor (Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Spring Cloud, Activiti and Vaadin, etc), a podcaster (“A Bootiful Podcast“) and a YouTuber.

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Jim Manico

Jim Manico is the founder of Manicode Security where he trains software developers on secure coding and security engineering. He is also an investor/advisor for Nucleus Security, BitDiscovery, Secure Circle and Inspectiv. Jim is a frequent speaker on secure software practices, is a member of the Java Champion community, and is the author of “Iron-Clad Java: Building Secure Web Applications” from Oracle Press. Jim also volunteers for the OWASP foundation as the project lead for the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard and the OWASP Cheatsheet Series. For more information, see https://www.linkedin.com/in/jmanico.

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Kito Mann

Kito D. Mann is the Principal Consultant at Virtua, Inc. (http://virtua.tech), specializing in enterprise application architecture, training, development, and mentoring with Web Components, Angular, and Jakarta/Java EE technologies. He is also the co-host of the Stacked Podcast (http://stackdpodcast.com), and the author of JavaServer Faces in Action (Manning). Mann has participated in several Java Community Process expert groups (including CDI, JSF, and Portlets) and is an internationally recognized speaker. He is also a Java Champion and Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies. He holds a BA in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

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Rustam Mehmandarov


Rustam lives and works in Oslo, Norway, working as a chief engineer and consultant specializing in Java platform, and a competency network coordinator at work. In his spare time, he contributes to several local developer communities. Previously, he has been leading JavaZone and the Norwegian JUG – javaBin. Rustam is passionate about open source and sharing his knowledge with others. He is a frequent speaker at both national and international conferences and events. You can find Rustam on Twitter as @RMehmandarov.

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Ana-Maria Mihalceanu

Ana is a Java Champion, Developer Advocate at Red Hat, co-founder of Bucharest Software Craftsmanship Community, and a constant adopter of challenging technical scenarios involving Java-based frameworks and multiple cloud providers. She is an active supporter of technical communities’ growth through knowledge sharing and enjoys curating content for conferences as a program committee member.

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Gunnar Morling


Gunnar Morling is a software engineer and open-source enthusiast by heart. He’s leading the Debezium project, a platform for change data capture. Gunnar is the spec lead for Bean Validation 2.0 (JSR 380) and a long-time committer to different Hibernate projects. In his spare time, he contributes to the Deptective and MapStruct projects. Prior to joining Red Hat, he worked on a wide range of Java EE projects in the logistics and retail industries. He’s based in Hamburg, Germany.

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Benjamin Muskalla

Session: Query your codebase using CodeQL

Benjamin Muskalla (“Benny,” @bmuskalla) for the past 12 years has been following his passion of building tools for improving developer productivity. He has been an active committer of the world-class Eclipse IDE. Over the years, he’s spent a lot of time building tools, frameworks, and test approaches to help his peers become more effective. TDD and API design are dear to his heart as well as working on open source software. Benny currently works for Gradle Inc. on the Gradle Build Tool.

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Tomasz Nurkiewicz

Spent half of his life on programming, for the last decade professionally in Java land. Loves back-end and data visualization. Passionate about alternative JVM languages. Disappointed with the quality of software written these days (so often by himself!), hates long methods and hidden side effects. Interested in charting, data analysis and reporting. Believes that computers were invented so that developers can automate boring and repetitive tasks. Also their own. On a daily basis works in the e-commerce sector. Involved in open-source, DZone’s Most Valuable Blogger, used to be very active on StackOverflow. Author, trainer, conference speaker, technical reviewer, runner. Claims that code not tested automatically is not a feature but just a rumour. Wrote a book on RxJava for O’Reilly.

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Kirk Pepperdine

Kirk has been working in high performance and distributed computing for nearly 20 years. His focus has primarily been on performance, working on architecting, developing, and tuning applications running on Cray and other high-performance computing platforms. Kirk now specializes in Java, where he works in all aspects of performance and tuning in each phase of a project life cycle. Author, speaker, consultant, Kirk was recognized as a 2006 Java Champion recipient for his contributions to the Java community.

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Victor Rentea


Victor Rentea is Java Champion and one of the top Independent Trainers in Romania, having trained by now 1500+ developers in 30+ companies. He is Lead Architect at IBM, where he practices Pair Programming, Clean Code and Refactoring every day. For the community, he organized the largest 3 Bucharest Java User Group meetups in history, and last year he founded the Bucharest Software Craftsmanship Community in which he runs free webinars about clean code, refactoring and TDD. As a speaker, Victor is now regularly invited at the top international conferences: his live-coding sessions are insane, lightning-fast but well crafted, full of enthusiasm, deep insights and take-away tips.

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Ixchel Ruiz

Session: Upside Down

About Me Ixchel Ruiz is a Senior Software Developer @Karakun. She has developed software application & tools since 2000. Her research interests include Java, dynamic languages, client-side technologies, devops and testing. Java Champion, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, SuperFrog, Hackergarten enthusiast, Open Source advocate, public speaker and mentor. Travels around the world ( sometimes virtually ) because sharing knowledge is one of her main drives in life!

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Otavio Santana

Empowering developers worldwide to deliver better software faster, scalable in the Cloud. Otavio is a passionate software engineer focused on Cloud and Java technology. He has experience mainly in persistence polyglot and high-performance applications in finances, social media, and e-commerce. Otavio is a member of both Expert Groups and Expert Leader in several JSRs and JCP executive committee. He is working on several Apache and Eclipse Foundation projects such as Apache Tamaya, MicroProfile, Jakarta EE, where he is leading the first specification at Jakarta EE with Jakarta NoSQL. A JUG leader and global speaker at JavaOne and Devoxx conferences. Otavio has received recognition for his OSS contributions such as the JCP Outstanding Award, Member of the year and innovative JSR, Duke’s Choice Award, and Java Champion Award, to name a few.

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Mohamed Taman

Sr. Enterprise Architect @SiriusXI Beograd, Serbia, a Java Champion, an Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, Java/ Mobile/ Web / Big Data / Cloud / Blockchain (HashGraph) / DevOps Architect, JCP, Duke Award winner 3 times, International Speaker, Books & Videos Author

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Jonathan Vila

Organiser at the Barcelona Java Users Group and cofounder of the conference JBCNConf in Barcelona. Working at Red Hat as Senior Software Engineer on the Middleware area, but I have worked as a (paid) developer since the first release of The Secret of Monkey Island, about 30 years ago. PMP certified by the PMI in Project Management. Speaker at BarcelonaJUG, MadridJUG, OracleCodeOne, DevNexus, DevConf.US Very interested in simulated reality, psychology and Java along with management technologies.

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Paul Webber

Paul Webber has been involved in the software industry for over 25 years programming in languages such as SmallTalk, C++, Java and Android. He has worked in many domains in the San Diego area with a strong interest in Agile Development practices. He has been involved in several volunteer organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America, Botball, The League of Amazing Programmers and the 100 Year Starship Program; giving back to the community. Paul has been the President of the SDJUG since 2001, actively coordinating the monthly meetings. Currently he is working at ResMed, a company committed to changing lives with every breath. He is an Oracle Java Champion. He looks forward to traveling to Low Earth Orbit or beyond!

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Alan Williamson

Founding Partner and Chief Technology Officer of MacLaurin Group, an outsource operating partner for private equity and investment companies. Alan supported portfolio company operations, providing interim-CTO duties for ParkerGale Capital, a Chicago based private equity company. Prior to joining ParkerGale, Alan served as full time CTO at Royall & Company where he was responsible for the architecture, development and maintenance of all systems to support the needs and requirements of clients. With a deep background in high-volume server processing, Alan was the first U.K. Java Champion, a program by Oracle/Sun to recognize the Top 100 people who have contributed the most to Java. Alan graduated from the University of Paisley, Scotland, in the early 1990’s with a Hons BSc. degree in Computer Science with Digital Control.

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